In our previous blog we talked about being abused by a spouse, and calling a family law attorney to help you fight your way out of a bad marriage. If you are still on the fence about leaving your spouse due to fear of them harming you, we are here to help push you over the fence. We have seen many cases of violence and domestic abuse here at C. Rainford Law Firm, which is why today we would like to cover the cycle of violence that any abusive partner is sure to follow. If this cycle is ringing a bell, then it is absolutely time for you to leave, and our experienced family law attorneys are here to help.

Most domestic abuse follows an identical pattern. First comes the abuse, your spouse will lash out at you either physically or emotionally in a violent and malicious way. You will be left injured internally or externally. The abuser will then express remorse, not because he is actually sorry, but because he is fearful that he will be reported or caught. The he will make excuses for why he acted the way that he did to negate responsibility for the incident. Then he will return to acting how he normally does, and may even buy you gifts to try and make your forget all about the incident. While acting like his usual self, he will begin plotting how to abuse you again. He will spend extended periods of time fantasizing about things that you have done and how he can turn those actions into a justified reason to abuse you. Once he has it all planned out in his head, he will stage a situation that he finds perfect for justifying abusing you, yet again. The cycle will continue to repeat itself until you leave.

If you are ready to break the vicious cycle, contact C. Rainford Law Firm today!